19 Ağustos 2008
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30 Second Bottom Line: The notorious Jack the Ripper serial killer mystery unfolds in Victorian England as a stylistic device, dun.

From Hell is an exciting Murder Mystery with a series of clues, dun it to keep things interesting every step of the way. Depp gives his expected outstanding and other worldly performance. Ian Holm, Katrin Cartlidge, Robbie Coltrane and Ian Richardson and some of the unnamed prostitute give the film an advantage to us a century back into the past. Heather Graham is fine, and I am glad to see they are doing something beyond saying that it is not so and more along the lines of the sidewalks of New York. However, it is a little too pretty, sophisticated, charming and clean for a street HO. Katrin Cartlidge had a better Maria. It is a bit one on the mainland to Envision Inspector and the prostitute Mary falling in love, but stranger things happen.

It is always gratifying to see actors, writers and directors grow, and certainly the Hughes brothers are doing that. You do not have a lot of films, but each is very good. The two could be a Stanley Kubrick in the decision-making, when he only 13 films over a long, respected and controversial career. Since 1993 they have made Menace II Society, Dead Presidents and American Pimp. From Hell is more sophisticated while still retaining a dark tone that is not depressing. Peter Deming as a cameraman has to surpass From Hell and Mulholland Drive. It is clear Oscar caliber work.

Although from the hell is based on a comprehensive novel with the same name by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell, with a focus on a real killer in 1888, the film is not trying to be JFK and convince us how it really happened . That is, if you remember, the murderer is that you are facing an interesting hypothesis.

Jack the Ripper May, crazy, but he was acting out the logic (his own to be sure) and for a reason other than a few wanted to kill prostitutes. The fog finally lifted in London will be on the Murder Mystery and in the Hughes Brothers as a great directors.

Embassy of the movie: We can not always have what we want from life. The evil exists. Victorian England was a very unpleasant place and time.

So the conclusion is that this film is a film fair althouht had actually they do not get a very clear end, it is fantastic thriller to see and do not miss.

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